Persians Get Organic!

One of the most beneficial things about Persian food is its abundant use of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, and spices. Almost all Persian recipes call for fresh ingredients and hardly ever use preserved or processed products. Unlike America, food in Iran is mostly organic and is usually purchased from local farmers daily at bazaars and fairs for that evenings meal. Most people in Iran shop for food 5 times a week buying small portions so that the food doesn’t go bad since the use of preservatives is minimal. However, In the US most of our foods have preservatives and pesticides and many foods are mass produced and contain questionable ingredients.  

My mom always tells me stories about her first year in the states. When she moved here she gained over 20 pounds in a few months from the overly processed foods, and hormones that are injected into our meats. Now, my entire family only chooses to eat, shop and live organic. Even though the cost of food is slightly higher it is worth the peace of mind knowing what we are eating foods with higher concentrations of vitamins that are less likely to have pesticides.

According to Nutrition Noteworthy, the study Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Potential Health Benefits and Risks concluded after obtaining data from 41 studies that compared organic with conventional crops that “there is statistical significance in higher levels of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, and lower levels of nitrates among organic crops. Another trend that was observed was a lower amount of protein in organic crops, but of higher quality.” The study also showed that “organic samples, when compared to conventional samples, are less likely to contain detectable pesticide residues, are less likely to contain multiple pesticide residues, and have lower concentration of pesticides approximately two thirds of the times.”


I urge you no matter how you cook and live your life read the facts, know the differences between organic food and maybe even do as I did and take the 100 Days of Real Food Challenge which can be found at 

After doing 10 Days of the challange I personally felt more energized, had better looking skin, hair and nails, and overall felt cleaner in my daily life. Now, I continue to eat this way as a lifestyle change for my own health and well being. 



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