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Growing up an American Iranian I quickly learned that many of my experiences would be based around food and the kitchen as Persians love to eat and entertain! Every day my mother would spend hours preparing delicious Persian cuisine using different herbs and spices, vegetables, meats, and of coarse basmati rice. Many Persian dishes tend to take hours of labor and preparation.  As I grew up, I realized being Persian not only meant being exotic but also meant being curvy. I became extremely conscientious of my weight and what I put into my body. Many Persian dishes are filled with nutrients and vitamins and are extremely healthy. However, some dishes tend to be starchy and high in calories which was something I wanted to stay away from.  Having such a love for Persian food and culture I wanted to continue to eat certain foods and find ways to make others healthier.  I began coming up with simple, healthy, and delicious recipes that had Persian flavor but took almost no time to make. Being a college student I don’t always have all the time in the world to cook in a traditional Persian way, however, I still enjoy making meals that take me back to certain memories and incorporate the unique Persian flavors that I grew up with.  This blog is a guide to cooking Persian inspired meals in an Americanized, quick and healthy way!

If you are interested in finding more traditional Persian recipes I would check out: http://turmericsaffron.blogspot.com/p/about.html


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